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Best Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Best Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall Mount Patio Heaters are virtually all electric powered infrared units. These units supply heat through radiant heating, which heats the objects in the path of the heater, not the air itself. Consequently, the longer one is in the path of the heater, the warmer they will become. Typically there are no fans on these units, and they usually (realistically) cast heat about 3-4′ out from the heating element. After taking a close look at several wall mount patio heaters, we have determined that the Best Wall Mounted Patio Heaters are the Blumfeldt Gold Bar Electric Patio Heaters. These units supply 1,500 watts of infrared heat in a low-glare system, with three power modes, good water resistance, a remote control included, and an eye-catching design.

For a complete review of these heaters, please see our Product Reviews section below.
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