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Metal Tiki Torches Reviews and Product Information

Metal Tiki Torches Reviews and Product Information

Tiki torches are a great way of placing elegance into your garden. Really! Of course, some Tiki torches are going to bring to mind the kitschy Polynesian Tiki bar style that spread throughout the world starting in the 1950s, but several Metal Tiki Torches available now are much more stylish than what you may find in a big box store, and would fit in any decor. Our favorite of these elegant metal Tiki torches is the H Potter Copper Rustic Tiki Torch set. These are on the expensive side, but are strikingly beautiful, and are certain to elevate your garden’s evening ambiance.  They have fantastic copper color and patina, and their style oozes quality. They are available in individual units, and as a set of two.

For a complete overview of the Copper Rustic Tiki Torch set, please see our Product Reviews section below.

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