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Best Umbrella Patio Heater. Reviews and Information

Best Umbrella Patio Heater. Reviews and Information

Umbrella patio heaters are a clever solution to small scale outdoor heating needs. Like virtually all electric patio heaters, they can put out 1,500 watts of infrared heat (5,100 BTU), which is not a whole lot, but enough to heat a small area. These heaters only need to heat those around a patio umbrella and table, which is a contained environment. Additionally, the parasol above helps hold in a bit of the heat. The expectations of these heaters are scaled down compared to what people often expect from electric patio heaters, and these are much better at actually meeting the expectations of those using them. After a thorough review of the Umbrella Patio Heater market, we have determined that the AZ Patio Heaters umbrella heater is the best choice, given its features list, price point, and warranty. It offers 1,500 watts of directed infrared heat, is water resistant, easy to use, and is covered under AZ Patio Heaters’ 1 year warranty. It also hits a great price point.

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