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Best Electric Patio Heaters. Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Best Electric Patio Heaters. Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Electric Patio Heaters generally put out a fraction of the heat that propane gas patio heaters do, but they are much easier to use. There’s no need to move around heavy propane tanks, no need to get refills from the stores, no worries about proper hose connections and safety, etc. Electric Patio Heaters are plug and warm! After a thorough examination of the infrared patio heater market, we have found that the Fire Sense 1,500 watt electric outdoor heater is the best heater on the market. It is well built, has an adjustable height option, two color options, a directional heating system, a heavy, wheeled base, and is protected under a one year warranty.

As electric outdoor heaters go, these are a solid choice. We should mention that these glow pretty strongly, so if you don’t want bright light, consider another style of heater.

For a complete review of these heaters, please see our Product Reviews section below.

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