AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 Review and Information

A weather station for the information age, the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 is device that will keep you informed of the weather conditions without having to turn on the TV for endless commercials and weatherman tangents about other parts of the country. The function of the AcuRite Pro Wireless Thermometer 01517 is to rely on sensors outside, which collect weather information from its 5-in-1 wireless sensor.  This information provides users with accurate local weather conditions, from the weather right in your own backyard, right when you want it.

The AcuRite 01517 Wireless Thermometer provides a sound method to replace the endless ramblings of your local weatherman with a solid, accurate reading that can give you the information you need to start your day off right.

AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 Product Review

AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517

AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517

We’ll be taking a look at the basic features of the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517, along with detailed insights into its functionality, aesthetics and design, dimensions, assembly, and really whether or not it is the right product for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Basic Features

The AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 collects an abundant amount of information in your local area. These are collected by a 5-in-1 wireless sensor, which includes:

  • Total amount of rain, both present and historically
  • Direction of the wind and its speed
  • Humidity
  • Future weather forecast
  • Atmospheric pressure

In addition, there is an illuminated color display, which is solar powered with a battery back up.

For a quick video showcasing the major features of this powerful weather system, see here:

The AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 has a 1 year limited warranty. Questions, concerns, and warranty information can be asked at In addition, they have a dedicated AcuRite Loyalty team which can be reached at 262-249-3259.

Dimensions and Specs

Acurite 01517 Weather Sensor Size

Acurite 01517 Weather Sensor Size

  • 8.2″ x 2.7″ x 6.7″ (panel)
  • 5.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Chaney Instruments
  • Made in China
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries req.

The Details


The Acurite indoor outdoor thermometer 01517 has two major parts, an indoor display system and an outdoor weather monitoring station.

The Indoor System

The indoor system is an attractive digital display, with several different color and design options. You can spend a bit more for different color options, but the Dark Display model is relatively inexpensive, and looks great.

A common experience that seems to be a standout point among buyers of the AcuRite digital thermometer is the crisp display. Its LCD display with back color is professional and sleek. It’s easy to read with multiple colors, and considering how important the display is (what good is a personal weather station if you can’t read the results?), this contributes a great deal to its current high ratings of customer satisfaction and usability.

The Outdoor Weather Sensor

The good thing about the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer 01517 is that it is relatively unobtrusive, and should fit into any yard or setting. The sensor looks like a system that would be commonly seen on a boat, but it can attach to a house, flag pole, etc, and need not be visually arresting.


AcuRite 01517 Outdoor Weather Sensor

AcuRite 01517 Outdoor Weather Sensor

One of the major factors to consider when purchasing a personal weather station like the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer is the maximum distance between the outside unit and its display. AcuRite really shines here as some users have reported a maximum distance up to 330 feet. However, one must take caution that objects and landscapes may interfere with the radio signal, but otherwise the AcuRite is quite flexible in the location you place it.

Being a tool to measure the weather, can TOO much weather be a bad thing for the AcuRite 01517? The biggest things to think about here are whether or not you live in a place with harsh winters or extreme sun. Overall, this weather station is built to survive.

Hot Weather Use

For cases of a surplus of sunshine, there is a solar powered fan in place to help keep the unit cool. Generally hot weather is not as much of a challenge to the functioning of the unit as cold weather is, so if you’re in the heat, you don’t really need to do much to keep the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer going strong.

Cold Weather Use

For those who may be exposed to the colder elements and harsh winters, rest assured: most users have reported mostly success in such environments. Whether you’re exposed to the fluctuations of New England weather or the occasionally bone chilling temps of upstate New York, the AcuRite can withstand it all. Users from Canada, New York, NH, and Massachusetts have reported no issues using it in frigid conditions, but a few key preventative measures can be taken to keep the AcuRite Outdoor Thermometer running well in the cold.

First, use lithium rather than alkaline batteries. Lithium tend to be more successful in the cold weather, but be aware that most batteries will stop functioning around -4°F. Another successful measure is to spray underneath the wind cups with WD40 in order to prevent them from freezing after a heavy storm.

Overall, the AcuRite Wireless 01517 should be able to last a solid 7-8 months on batteries alone, but provided you aren’t living in some obscure place that has 24 hour darkness (we’re looking at you, December in Iceland), then the batteries will last much longer, up to a few years.

Material and Build Quality

Acurite 01517 Display

Acurite 01517 Display

Most experiences report that the display is impeccable. The numbers are crisp, the colors are well fitting, and overall the AcuRite adds a nice touch to what might otherwise be an ordinary weather station. Some report mounting the inside unit on the wall for an added touch, and this is recommended.

There are a few different parts that piece together to form the whole which is the AcuRite Wireless 01517. Few users report any significant problems with it as a whole, but we dug in and found the most common problems.

While these experiences are certainly in the minority, we do believe it is worth noting! Most have noted that if any significant problems come up, that the manufacturer is very helpful in troubleshooting the product as well as taking returns.

Common Issues with the AcuRite 01517
  • A windy rainy day may lead to inaccurate rain totals for that day.
  • A few users report occasional problems with the humidity sensor. Newer units now have a humidity replacement sensor that can be used as a fix – but you will have to buy that separately should your humidity sensor fail
  • Distances of more than 150′ between the Acurite Outdoor Thermometer and the display can cause issues, especially of direct line of sight is lost. Line of sight is important, and if you’re going a long way, you may run into connection issues.


Assembly of the AcuRite Wireless Thermometer is pretty simple. This page is a great resource from AcuRite which provides access to all instruction manuals, assembly, replacements, and specs.

If you’d like to see the manual for the The 5-in-1 weather sensor, click here [pdf], and the instruction manual for the display unit can be found here [pdf].

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep an occasional eye on the AcuRite weather thermometer during patches of rough weather to ensure proper functioning. The most common occurrence is a buildup of snow, which may interfere with the wind gauge. If that is the case, gently remove the snow and the 01517 should begin functioning properly again.


A solar-recharged battery for the outdoor unit (included). 2 year guaranteed battery life.
4 AA batteries (not included). Lithium recommended.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to weather stations, there is a direct correlation between quality and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. For its price, the AcuRite Digital Thermometer 01517 is one of the best choices for a weather station.

From its easy assembly, crisp display, and ability to withstand the elements, this weather station holds up pretty well against its competition. Should you encounter the rare circumstance where a part is defective, the manufacturer is responsive and will provide replacements.

Some customers have mentioned how they have much more success with the Davis Vantage Vue, but the comparison is difficult, because the Vantage Vue 6250 weather station is more than twice the price (see our review of the Davis Vantage Vue here.) A large number of users have reported extremely accurate recordings when compared to well known weather stations, and many use the AcuRite as a fun way to teach the kids about weather. If you’re not looking to break the bank, the AcuRite 01517 is an excellent wireless weather station!

If you want to take a look at a few other options, be sure to check out our Best Wireless Weather Station article for more information.

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