Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen Review Airblown

Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen

Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen

The Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen is an outstanding outdoor cinema. When deflated, it can fit in a small container the size of a gym bag. To set it up, you take it from the bag, plug it in, and the screen inflates in minutes. Imagine enjoying your favorite movies and playing your favorite games outdoors, in your lawn or garden, with family and friends. You can, with the Gemmy Airblown 39127-32 inflatable movie screen! It is the perfect entertainment equipment for those magical summer nights. Simply pair it to your outdoor projector and speakers, and you will find countless hours of outdoor enjoyment with your family and friends.

Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen Review

This inflatable outdoor projection screen looks like a giant bouncy-house version of a movie screen. At first glance, an inflatable screen is rather silly compared to the slick outdoor screens like the Vamvo foldable outdoor screen. However, it really is a clever solution for an outdoor screen. It is easy to set up, easy to pack away, and doesn’t really have the creasing issues that plague fold-up screens. The frame blows up quickly, and the screen material is fastened to it, and you’re ready to go. The unit has a fan blower system which inflates and deflates the movie screen — there is no need for manual inflating. The main potential down side of this system is that the fans need to run constantly, even after its fully blown up. And while the fans are fairly quiet, if you’re one of those people who is bothered by background noise, an inflatable screen may not be what you’re looking for.

Basic Specs

  • Self-inflates quickly when plugged in
  • Screen measures 123″ x 70″, 12′ wide, 144″ diagonal size
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio widescreen format
  • Raised screen for easy viewing
  • Shows movies, TV shows, video presentations and more when paired with a projector
  • Portable design, easy to carry
  • Includes tethers, yard stakes, fan, and bag for easy setup and storage

For a quick primer on how the Gemmy Inflatable Movie Screen works, here’s a short video:

Dimensions and Capabilities

  • Product Dimensions: 21.5″ x 16″ x 15.5″
  • Item Weight 23.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Arett Sales – LG

The Details

The Gemmy Airblown projection screen works great in a variety of environments. In an open space, this 12′ wide screen is visible by 150 to 200 viewers. The screen is raised up off of the backing, creating a wide viewing area. Of course, the experience can be just as great with only two, or four, viewers!

In general, there are two styles of projection screen, front and rear projection. The Gemmy works as a front projection style screen only (i.e. the projector is located in front of the screen, like in a movie theater). If your projector is only compatible with rear projection screens, the Gemmy won’t work with it, and you may want to check out one of the other outdoor projection screens available to find the right screen for your needs.

The Gemmy is made of high-quality, durable vinyl, and the quality of the image displayed is great. The material is sturdy enough to withstand some abrasion, but you should be careful using it near materials that could puncture it. Still, the fan runs constantly, which keeps it inflated even with small puncture holes.

The wind picks up and may sway the screen, and it can only withstand light winds. Included in the package are guy wires and stakes, but if the wind starts to whistle, its best to deflate everything and retreat indoors.

Winds and Terrain

Since it is an inflated unit, it is better to place it in smooth or slightly rough surface. Placing it on rocky surface would puncture or rapture the fabric. If you’re concerned about punctures, you can place a sturdy tarp below the Gemmy for added protection.

The Gemmy movie screen can tolerate light winds, granted that is has a stabilizer, or locked firm with a guy wire. But when it stand independently on its own, a strong wind can blow it off. Unless the wind is completely calm, there’s really no downside to securing it with the included tethers and stakes.

Inflation and Deflation

When inflating the Gemmy Airblown 39127-32, its best to lock the screen first on the frame (as shown on the video above). Continue to run the fans until the unit can fully stand on its own. The process will only take a few minutes. When deflating, it is best to allow the unit to deflate itself for a few minutes as well. Avoid opening the zippers for deflation, as this action can cause leak or damage on the main frame of the unit.

Assembly and Set Up

The Gemmy Delux Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen comes with two fans that quickly and efficiently inflate the unit in minutes. You’ll need a constant supply of electricity, as the fans run continuously to keep the screen inflated.

After you have secured the Gemmy screen backing through guy wires, you then align the projector to the screen, and you’re good to go!

Note: if you’re running really long extension cords to feed both the projector and screen, you may want to run them from separate plugs on the house, with separate breakers. There isn’t a huge power draw associated with these units, but if you are running them a long way out into the yard, you could have issues withe breakers tripping in the middle of that chase scene!


The Gemmy Delux includes yard stakes, tethers or guy wires, the all-important fans used to inflate the unit, and a duffel bag to keep everything compact and stored when not in use. If you find that you are packing and unpacking the screen frequently, you may want to pick up a sturdier bag of similar size.

The Gemmy outdoor movie screen pairs well with a good projector like the iRulu BL20 projector and some speakers if you don’t want to use the on-board speakers on your projector.

Maintenance and storage

After you deflate the unit, it is safest to place the entire system in the bag for easy storage. Avoid folding the screen, as it can wrinkle. Instead, roll it up and store it securely. That said, some packages arrive with the screen folded already, though we understand that this package style is being phased out.

If you do find wrinkles on the screen do not iron it. Spread it out in the sun, and let it smooth on its own. When you already use it at night, the wrinkles typically become unnoticeable.

The Bottom Line

The Gemmy 39127 Delux Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen is a great entertainment unit that can make your back yard experience memorable. It is very easy to set up, allowing you to focus on entertainment rather than technical issues. The Gemmy Airblown outdoor projection screen is definitely fun and a bit whimsical in design, and it has won our hearts. If you have kids, it will certainly win theirs, but pretty much anyone can find magic sitting outside watching a great movie or playing a game, with friends and family, under the stars. For supplying those experiences, the Gemmy movie screen is priceless.


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