Woodhaven Firewood Rack 8’ Review and Information

Woodhaven Firewood Rack 8ft

Woodhaven Firewood Rack 8ft

Elegant, simple and reliable, Woodhaven’s 8′ Firewood Log Rack is a must-have for those who seek a secure and neat firewood stacking system. Larger than the 5′ Firewood Rack by Woodhaven (which is our choice for the best overall firewood rack system), the 8′ version covered here allows for significantly more storage capacity than the 5′, but with a similar design. The Woodhaven Firewood Rack uses an integrated cover and rack system, which helps you save precious time, money and energy, as the system cleverly stores and seasons wood as you need it.

You will always have that extra firewood log to keep you warm and comfortable.

Woodhaven Firewood Rack 8’ Product Review

Woodhaven Firewood Rack is an 8′ log rack, constructed of a sturdy metal frame, coupled with a durable brown canvas cover. The log rack is easily assembled, and is manufactured by a US-company Alexander Mfg. Co. It is very well constructed, and should last a lifetime. It is offered at a surprisingly reasonably price, as well!

This article provides a glimpse at Woodhaven Firewood Rack 8’s specs, features and functions, and reviews it.

Basic Specs

  • Arc-welded end sections
  • UV stable powder-coated finish
  • Rust-free, stainless steel fasteners
  • Clever cover design seasons, dries, and preps wood for burning
  • Lifetime structural warranty

Dimensions and Capacities

  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions 48″ x 14″ x 96″
  • Weight 46 pounds
  • 1/2 cord storage capacity
  • Wood cuts up to 24″ can be placed on the rack

The Details

Woodhaven firewood log rack 8’ is a relatively light weight log rack. It provides secure storage and stacking of firewood logs, while also prepping the wood for burning.

The integrated cover partially covers the logs on the rack, allowing those lower logs to be exposed and seasoned, while keeping the top logs dry and prepped for burning.


Woodhaven Log Rack 8'

Woodhaven Log Rack 8′

With black powder coat finish, the frame of the Woodhaven 8′ Log Rack is smooth to touch. The holes on the frames for the bolts are well-drilled, which makes assembly a snap.

The aesthetics are completed by the clever, integrated cover system. With a simple design featuring the Woodhaven Logo in small print, it it is not obtrusive and will blend in with its surroundings. The partial cover design also allows a significant amount of raw wood to be in view (and in the process of being seasoned) which adds to the aesthetic nature of the rack.


The Woodhaven 8′ log rack is a full sized firewood log rack, which allows loggers and gardeners to stack a half cord of firewood logs for prep and burning. The stand keeps the logs a few inches off the ground to ensure good airflow around the unit, and the rack ends are sturdy enough to handle a large pile of wood without collapsing.

The cover is what makes the Woodhaven system stand out from its competitors. With a partial cover that sits over the top few rows of logs, and which can slide up and down on the rack frame as needed, the cover is designed to keep the top logs on the rack dry and ready for burning, while simultaneously keeping the lower pieces of wood on the rack exposed to the elements for quick seasoning. With this design, you’ll constantly have wood ready to burn, while also having your wood rapidly seasoning as well.

If needed, the cover can be removed completely.

Stacking Techniques

Stacked Logs on the Woodhaven 8' Firewood Log Rack

Stacked Logs on the Woodhaven 8′ Firewood Log Rack

For a balanced stacking, make sure at the bottom section the logs are stacked uniformly before you add more logs. When the rack is placed on muddy, soft and uneven terrain, it is advisable to place some stone step or bricks under each leg to it from sinking. The weight of a 1/2 cord of logs is significant, and it is helpful to have airflow underneath the log rack for seasoning purposes. Keeping the Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack properly supported is strongly recommended.

Also, you should keep in mind that if the log rack is empty, it can be surprisingly light weight! With few or no logs on the rack, it should be weighted or protected from toppling. If not in use, it can be collapsed and stored. it should be kept secured in your garage.

Even though you may be tempted to over fill it to get those last few logs on the rack and neatly organized, it is best to avoid over-stacking. Filling beyond the top of the rack will prevent the cover from functioning properly, and may well cause logs to fall off the rack, potentially injuring those nearby, or damaging nearby objects.

Material and Build Quality

Made in the USA, the Woodhaven log rack is constructed of top quality materials, primarily durable stainless steel. The frame is powder coated, and should not rust. If the frame gets scratched and raw metal is exposed, you may want to spray it with a coat of Rustoleum paint to protect it from rust. Also, keep an eye on the welding points, as those are often areas that rust over time.

The ends are arc wielded, so there are no sharp edges to puncture or hurt your hands in assembly process, and no jagged edges to catch clothes and fabric while piling wood on the rack.

The cover is not a tin and flimsy cloth but made out of solid and heavy duty vinyl, like a sturdy tarp. The quality vinyl will help to keep all moisture off those areas it covers.

Woodhaven offers a Lifetime Warranty on this log rack, which is unbeatable! You know they stand by their product, given the warranty.


Using wrench and nuts and bolts, users can assemble the log rack pretty quickly. Follow the instructions to ensure a proper frame, but a best practice is to assemble the bottom frame, then connect the two bottom frames with the vertical side bars.

The entire process only takes about 10 minutes, so the frame is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.

The Bottom Line

A proudly made-in- the-US product, the Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack 8’ is an excellent choice for those who need a large amount of wood storage, and only want to buy their log rack once. The Woodhaven racks are covered by such a great warranty, it’s hard not to recommend these racks. With the clever integrated cover system, wood is constantly in the process of seasoning and curing, as well as drying for good burning. Assembly is simple, and you’ll be piling wood on the rack in no time.

The whole system is so well thought out, it is excellent. The 5′ Woodhaven Log Rack is our favorite log rack on the market for most users that don’t need large capacity storage, and the 8′ is an ideal choice for those looking to store larger amounts of wood!

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