Envirocycle Compost Tumbler Review and Information

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

Whether you are a hardened gardener with a good sized garden, or a budding gardener with a small space and big organic dreams, the Compost Tumbler by Envirocycle will certainly be the composting tool you have been looking for. The Envirocycle Compost Tumbler is a single barrel tumbler, collects both compost material and ultra-rich compost tea, and comes in two sizes. While there are several high quality composters available for home use on the market today, the Envirocycle line of composters is certainly an excellent choice for many of today’s gardeners.

In this article, we will look closely at the Envirocycle, consider its benefits and draw-backs, and review it.

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler Review

In order to appreciate what the Envirocycle tumbling composter has to offer, we will look at the features that make it different to others available, as well as the dimensions, durability, and quality of components.

Basic Features

Envirocycle Composter Side View

Envirocycle Composter Side View

The Envirocycle compost tumbler is an innovative composting system which is designed for outdoor use. It comes fully assembled and ready to use, which is a huge plus to those who hate putting things together. There are no fiddly parts to assemble, or screws to attach. Even the packaging it gets delivered to you in are 100% fully recycled! Every aspect of this product has been very well thought out.


Envirocycle advertises the composter as “the most beautiful composter in the world”. It’s not a bad looking composter, we suppose, but it’s hardly a work of art! If aesthetics are of great importance to you, you may want to also consider the Yimby Composter or the Jora JK270 composters, both of which to our eyes are as attractive as the Envirocycle. Its compact size means it can be placed conveniently within walkways or within close proximately from kitchens.

Tumbler Design

The Envirocycle is a single batch composter, meaning that it gets filled with compostable material, and then processes the material into compost in a few weeks. If new material is added during the compost process, the clock will be reset. Other composters have two chambers, allowing for two cycles of compost generation to occur at two different time periods. In general, the dual chamber composters are a bit more expensive, and are a bit fiddlier, but are worth considering.

Dimensions and Specs

  • 25.4 inches x 21.5 inches x 27.7 inches
  • Drum capacity of up to 35 US gallons (smaller model available with 17 gallon capacity)
  • Base capacity of up to 2.5 US gallons
  • Collects Compost and Compost Tea
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty
  • Single Batch Design

The Details

The Envirocycle composter is solidly built. The materials used to construct this innovative garden tool are high quality, food safe BPA free UV and antioxidant protected. This means that any fertilizer produced within the composter is completely safe to be reused onto any food item that you may be growing in your garden. Simply turn the container every 2-3 days, and in a few weeks (depending on air temperature, local environment, etc.), you will have compost ready to use.

The Envirocycle is an elegant looking composter which will generally blend in with the environment surrounding it. It has an advantage over other composters which are the typical large black bin or barrel shaped equipment. This little composter is small and compact but is very effective, though it is a single barrel composter.

Two Part System

Envirocycle Two Part System

Envirocycle Two Part System

A very unique selling point for the Envirocycle compost tumbler is the fact that it actually has two parts to it. The first being the drum which is where all of the appropriate food waste and garden waste gets put and then decomposes into the best possible compost for your garden.

The second is the base. This is where all of the liquid soaks down from the drum. The base can hold up to 2.5 US gallons of this liquid which is also commonly known as compost tea. This compost tea will be the best possible liquid fertilizer you will ever be able to get. Most other composters on the market skip the compost tea aspect, or leave it blended with the humus.

Build Quality

The Envirocycle composter is extremely durable and can be used throughout the year during all of the seasons. Even during the freezing cold winters you will be able to add to the drum without turning it. Then when you wish to use the compost that has broken down, simply detatch the drum from the base and open the door, emptying the contents where ever you wish. You may decide to use your newly created compost to mix with your already mature compost, or to simply scatter around your garden as top compost. Either way your new compost will help grow the most healthy plants, vegetables and flowers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You will find that this composter is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Once you have emptied its contents you will have easy access to give the inside a clean down prior to starting to use it again. This is another benefit that the Envirocycle has over other composters that are available to consumers.


If you think that a 35 gallon composter is too much for your requirements, even if this well designed tumble composter is very subtle, there is a second, smaller option. Envirocycle has a smaller version called the Mini Composter. This is a smaller version of its big brother and in quick comparison it can hold 17 gallons of compost. This is a great space saver if you only have a balcony or limited space.

Satisfied customers of the Envirocycle compost tumbler have reported how great it is to have such an efficient composter. Many have even stated that in parts of the Country where soil and ground types are hardier than elsewhere, the compost produced by this composter have meant that they have been able to grow some very strong and healthy produce.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to be a little more self sufficient and environmentally friendly, and are looking for a composter to help to grow amazong plants, then the Envirocycle compost tumbler is a great choice. It is well regarded and documented through vast amounts of positive reviews and feedback from customers, and you are given the full backing and support from the manufacturers. The addition of the 5 year warranty is a plus, though we note that the Lifetime Compost Tumbler has a lifetime warranty, and is cheaper, too.

In the end, we like the Envirocycle Tumbling Composter, and feel it is a good choice for many looking for a compact, nondescript composter to keep in the back yard or garden. Envirocycle seems to have a good spirit as a company, and great customer support, which is a big plus. Overall, the Envirocycle composter is a great choice for many gardeners looking to take the next step into maximizing their gardening potential!

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